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          Brief Introduction of Foshan Huacai Vocational-Technical School
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            Foshan Huacai Vocational-Technical School is a state-owned secondary vocational school. It was set up in 1980 and graded as one of the first key vocational high schools in China in March,1996. It consists of three campuses: Main campus, Nanzhuang campus and Pingzhou campus. The school has 305 teachers, among whom 81.8% are double qualified (a qualified teacher as well as a qualified technician).

             The school owns a modern training building, in which there are 84

          experimental training rooms and 94 professional rooms.The training building , occupying a construction area of 28,100 square meters, is equipped with training equipment of RMB 40.68 million Yuan. With a separate website and digital management system, every classroom in the school is internet connected and has a multi-media teaching platform.

              Huacai Vocational-Technical School adheres to the orientation to run school, that is , “Relying on the industrial park, docking industries, serving Chancheng District and training the experts for small and medium-sized enterprises with the spirit of respecting people and devoting to careers , being the most precise and sincere”. The school sticks to the concept of “Cultivating happy professionals”. Working hard at pioneering and progressing, the school has made remarkable achievements and harvested a great number of awards and honorable titles , such as Excellent Vocational School of China, Excellent School of Guangdong, 100 Prestigious Schools of Scientific Research and Moral Education of China, and the like. Huacai Vocational-Technical School is one of the first vocational education training base of Guangdong Province and a vocational education training center of Foshan City.  Currently,it has a total of 5200 full-time students. Besides, it



          recruits 5000 trainees every year. The school has formed its school-running pattern of integrating vocational education, vocational skill training and vocational skill appraisal. The school is doing its best to build it into “one centre” ( vocational education centre of Foshan city), “ two bases” ( talents training base for Foshan strategic emerging industries and service industries, talents reserve base for Foshan traditional cultural industries), “one window” ( window of exchanges and cooperation for Foshan vocational education)

            Huacai Vocational-Technical School insists on being based upon the market and aiming to serve. According to the requirements of local economic development, the school sets up and adjusts the majors, offering 20 majors , namely automobile application and maintenance, electronics and information technology , arts and crafts, and so on. There is a national-level scarce-talents cultivating and training base, three provincial-level key majors and two city-level key majors .

            Huacai Vocational-Technical School adheres to the rules of vocational education and highlights the skills .It focuses on students’ acquisition of a noble moral and does its best to bring up practical students , who are sweet in words, kind in heart, diligent in hands, smart in brain, superb in skills, healthy in body and honest in morals. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 , the school won the championship in the Vocational Students Skills Competition of Foshan City. In the recent two years,15 students won the first prize and 64 students won the second prize in the provincial competitions. The school also won the group prize in “Lingnan Cup” Interior Design Skills Competition. In the national competitions, 4 students won the first prize. All Students graduate with the “Dual Certificates” (a vocational qualification certificate and an academic diploma). They are working all over the Pearl River Delta and many of them have grown into experts of their industries and enterprises.

            Relying on industries, Huacai Vocational-Technical School goes deep into the trades and enterprises. Making the thorough analysis of industry chains and post chains with the help of experts and technicians, the school innovates in its school-running mode and training mode. Therefore, it has formed its distinctive talents training mode , that is , “School in industrial parks”, “School in institutes”, “Enterprises in the school” . So far, the school has established off-campus practice bases with more than 60 enterprises and organizations, including Germany ASSFs Co., Ltd, Foshan Auto City, Digital China Co., Ltd., Guangdong (Foshan) Software Industrial Park, Foshan Folk Arts Research Institute, Foshan Dunhuang Culture Industry Institution , Tang Ceramics,  Media Group, Guangdong Weisheng Gardening Technology Co., Ltd., and so on. They draw up talents training plans together. A large number of engineers and technicians in companies have been employed as part-time teachers, providing a superb internship platform for its students to improve their skills. Job fairs are held regularly, offering graduates plenty of job opportunities. In 2011 , the job fair provided 3602 job vacancies to 1485 graduates.

            Huacai Vocational-Technical School works together with 18 well-known vocational colleges to satisfy students’ pursuit for higher education by means of independent admission examination. Working with Shunde Polytechnic and Foshan Vocational-Technical College, the majors of electronics and automobiles adopt such an education mode as 5-year senior vocational college , 3+2 . All graduates are able to enter about 100 vocational colleges to pursue higher education by means of vocational college entrance examination. In 2010, 332 students in the school were enrolled by vocational colleges. The enrollment rate ranks top in Foshan city among similar vocational schools.

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